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Dance classes for children from walking - age 15.
All our classes are open to everyone, no experience necessary. Two left feet? That's ok! All our classes are about having fun, enjoying dance, and boosting confidence! We offer a range of styles to suit all ages and abilities. Contact us and we can help you find the one that suits your child best.

Our classes are held at:

The Church of Annunciation, S40 4SD

Stretton Village Hall, DE55 6EW

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Be part of something special. Book their first class today and let us spark your passion for dance!
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Pre-school Classes
Walking - 4 years


Intermediate Classes
Age 11-15

At Studio J, we strive to create a friendly atmosphere where our students are free to express themselves and build lifelong friendships. We are more than just dance, we are a family. We always make sure new members feel welcome the moment they step through the door. You will see your child's confidence grow more and more each week.


Contact us if you would like more information or if you're ready to get started book your first class online today!

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"My son LOVES these classes! He arrived the first week feeling shy and unsure and was a little overwhelmed. On week 2 he was full of enthusiasm and couldn't wait to join in. 2 months later he doesn't look back and thoroughly enjoys all aspects of the three different sessions. Jo has done wonders for his confidence, she is very supportive and encourages all the children no matter their ability level. Jo keeps all of the kids focused and makes the classes fun too. So glad we found you Jo!"

-Emily Barrie

Miss Jo is brilliant! My daughter attends her class and she absolutely loves it! And I love the fact that when this dance school put's on shows, it does not cost the earth, for the child to be in it! And Miss Jo wants every child to be included. I would recommend her classes to my friends and family...... just brill!!!
- Zoe

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Why choose
Studio J Dance academy?

At Studio J we understand that every parent wants the best for their child which is why we can assure you that when you bring your child to any of our classes we will welcome them in as part of the family and do our best to help them settle in, make friends and enjoy coming to class each week.

We aim to provide classes that children of all ages and abilities will enjoy with a strong emphasis on building friendships and boosting confidence. 

All our classes are designed to make learning fun for your child, so they will enjoy developing important skills that will help them in and outside the dance studio, such as teamwork, leadership skills, confidence as well as physical skills like strength, balance, coordination and so much more. By designing fun and creative lessons we will keep your child engaged so that they can learn and progress safely at their own pace.

Each and every one of our students is important to us and we care about helping your child become the best they can be in an environment where they will feel supported, comfortable and able to grow in confidence. 

Keeping our class sizes small ensures each student receives all the attention they need to reach their full potential.

Dance of any kind is a fantastic activity for all as it encourages working together, building friendships, having fun whilst staying active and keeping healthy.

When you send your child to one of our classes you can feel safe knowing that your child is learning all the foundations they need to help them grow into a beautiful, strong and confident dancer.


All our classes are taught by caring, experienced, professional teachers with the aim of helping every student find their passion for dance.

To see if we are the right school for you and your child contact us or get started straight away and book their first class now!
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