Street Dance

Looking for a fun way to burn off your child's excess energy? Would you like them to socialise with other children their age and make new lifelong friendships?

Our super cool street dance classes are the perfect way to get rid of that excess energy after a long day at school. Dancing with friends is an excellent way to have fun and get a great work-out without even realising it!


Bring your child to one of our street dance classes and we will encourage them to be the best they can be whilst helping to boost their self-confidence.

Watch their face light up with excitement as they learn cool moves to their favorite tunes and see them improve as they grow stronger each week.


Commercial street dance is a strong and entertaining style often seen on music videos and at concerts. By bringing your child to one of our street dance classes you are helping them to become stronger and more confident. But there are many more benefits to street dance:

- Street dance is a very energetic style, children get a workout without even realizing it!
- They are kept focused by learning new moves and routines.
- They will develop control, strength, balance and co-ordination.

- Dancing improves memory and brain function.

- Students learn to listen and follow instructions.

- They will improve their fitness levels.

- You will see your child's confidence grow.

- They will develop social skills and make new friends.

-  They will have lots of fun!

Classes suitable for boys and girls age 4 -14 years. £4.50 per class.






To discuss if this is the right class for your child, or to arrange a complimentary trial class click here!

Monday 6:00-7:30 Age 10-14

See Inter Combo

Tuesday 4:00-4:45 Age 7-11

The Church of Annunciation, S40 4SD


4:00-4:45 Age 4-7

5:00-5:45 Age 7-9

Stretton Village Hall, Main Road, DE55 6EW

What I love about these classes is that everyone is included, no matter what level of ability they are, they are still encouraged and praised. Even the other students support and cheer each other on. Everyone has been so welcoming at Studio J. I'm so glad we found you!

- Heather

My son has been attending the street dance classes for 3 weeks now, he loves it & cannot wait from week to week. Miss Jo is very friendly & welcoming & the session is packed with fab things for them to do.....even a mini show at the end for parents to see what they have learnt. Would highly recommend!

- Donna Renshaw

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