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Acro acrobatic and aerial hoop aerial silk classes chesterfield

Acrobatic Dance

See your child light up with excitement as they accomplish new skills and tricks. Watch as their confidence grows week by week. 

Using the beautiful Acrobatics Arts program your child will receive their own personal progress card and will gain merits each time they complete a new skill. This is a wonderful way of encouraging their development and they will be beaming with pride each time they get to add another tick on their card. Working at their own pace your child will improve their flexibility, strength, balancing, lumbering, and tumbling skills.

You can feel safe knowing that your child is learning all the foundations they need to help them grow into a beautiful, strong, and confident acrobatic dancer.

Plus it's a super fun way to burn off that excess energy and make new friends outside of school.

Our Twists & Tricks, Acro Addicts, Advanced Acro, and Inter Combo classes are a combination of dance, gymnastics elements and aerial skills. We learn to roll, handstand, cartwheel etc as well as linking tricks together through dance making acrobatics an especially challenging subject to learn. Dancers who train in acro are stronger, more flexible, and fearless!

All our acro classes now include aerial hoop and soon to follow aerial silks! We take all that work we have learnt on the mats and perform it on a hoop suspended in the air! We recommend wearing leggings and a long sleeve top to protect their skin.

Recent TV shows such as Dance Moms have boosted Acro's popularity and it is now a subject that is high in demand. With our professional teaching, we ensure your child will progress safely through each level of the program whilst still creating fun and exciting lessons. 

Classes suitable for ages 3-15 years.

Please wear comfortable clothing, bare feet, and have long hair tied up.


4:00-4:45 - Twists & Tricks - Rec-Y1

5:00-6:00 - Twists & Tricks - Y2-Y3

6:00-7:30 - Inter Combo - Y7-Y9



4:00-5:00 - Acro Addicts - Y4-Y6

6:30-7:30 - Adv Acro - Y7+


£5/£7.50 per class

The Church of Annunciation, S40 4SD

acrobatics aerial hoop aerial silks gymnastics lessons for children chesterfield

To discuss if this is the right class for your child contact us or book your first class now!

My daughter has a habit of not sticking to stuff but she loves her acro class, even if I get a bit fed up of all her cartwheeling! She spends more time upside down but I love seeing how enthusiastic she is and I am pleased she has found a healthy activity she enjoys so much.

- Mandy

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