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ballet tap classes for children alfreton

GRADE 1 & 2 

see your child shine!

The perfect follow-on from our Tutus and Taps classes, our graded classes work towards exams in ballet, tap, and theatre craft with the IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association).

By combining ballet, tap, and theatre craft into one class, our students get the chance to experience multiple styles of dance and become well-rounded performers. We generally spend half the lesson working on exam work and the other half on free work where we learn new steps and routines. This keeps our classes fun and engaging for our students whilst they are constantly learning and growing.

What are the benefits of taking on these three styles?

Ballet teaches all the fundamentals of dance. It is incredibly helpful for improving flexibility, muscle strength and encourages good posture.


Theatre craft is an exciting introduction to the world of musical theatre focusing on dance. It helps to boost confidence and develops performance skills ready for the stage.


Tap is an aerobic activity. As most steps are performed on one leg and involve a lot of weight shifting, this greatly improves balance, strength in the legs and core, co-ordination, and muscle memory. Plus tap dance makes you smarter! Tap steps are complex and consist of learning rhythm patterns. Learning, practicing, memorizing, and putting them together is a great exercise for your brain! 


Grade 1 - 1:15-2:45 - Y3


Grade 2 - 6:00-7:30 - Y4-6


£7.50 per class

Stretton Village Hall, Main Road, DE55 6EW

To discuss if this is the right class for your child contact us or book your first class now!

My daughter loves dancing around and singing but is very shy and lacked a lot of confidence around others. We wanted dance classes for her where she could make new friends and have fun not feel under pressure. Jo’s classes have really brought her out of her shell and there has been such a difference in her speaking and listening as well as her coordination. She loves going dancing and after a wobbly start she is really settled and happy. Jo has been wonderful with her, encouraging her to join in and making her feel safe and happy. After only approximately 6 classes, she has performed a dance in front of lots of parents and other children and we could not be prouder! Cannot recommend Studio J enough!

- Em Caroline

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